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The Man of Letters is very clever. The Man of Letters knows how to use letters from friends in order to avoid writing an original blog post. Here he uses an email from his friend Jonathan Shue who played “Brer Fox” in a production of BRER RABBIT directed by the Man of Letters.  Says Jonathan:

“Saw this at Fred Meyer in Bellingham Washington…I guess Brer Rabbit went on to quite a career after he escaped Brer Bear and Brer Fox! Jonathan”

The Man of Letters replies:

What a flash from the past! Molasses used to be my specialty. If I remember correctly Brer Rabbit Molasses  is light and runny, sweet enough to pour directly onto your pancakes.  Compare it with Plantation Brand Molasses. (Molasses is nothing if not “southern”) Plantation brand was heavy, thick and black as tar. (It would not do to think of the “Tar Baby” at this point, though “Tar Baby Brand Molasses” would be a good name) . If you hold the Brer Rabbit bottle up to the window you can see the light shine though it. The light does  not shine through Plantation brand. Brer Rabbit Molasses is to Plantation brand as Kent cigarettes are to Pall Malls, as terriers are to hound dogs, and as a high school students are  to 36 year old bar maids. It is a question of taste. I remember liking Plantation brand the best. But I can not remember how I ate it.






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