Ground Zero of American Culture

  • Will Huddleston – Man of Letters

    The Man of Letters knows how to use letters from friends in order to avoid writing an original blog post.

  • And the Winners Are:

    skip existentialism and read TARZAN OF THE APES

  • Tonight the inventory ends

    I bought software and a cat-shaped laser thingy (“cat scan” – get it?) that scans all my books. I set the scanner to collect book prices from Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon (US, UK, Canada and Australia). Almost all prices came from individual sellers listed on Amazon. (If there was no bar code or ISBN number I…

  • Hello brave new world!

    It was an Ancient Mariner and he stoppeth one of two By thy long beard and glittering eye I cannot talk to you. Hold off unhand me grey beard loon, let go, don’t be a jerk. See you not that I am busy you will make me late to work!

Got any book recommendations?